Meet Stephanie

Stephanie began teaching yoga in 2018 after a long search for something that embodied wellness for the whole being;

mind, body, soul, & spirit.

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Starting from the belief that wellness has nothing to do with a persons weight or size, Stephanie created SoulCare, which focuses on wellness for the whole being; the health of your physical body, your emotional wellness, & your spiritual connection.

    The primary goal of SoulCare is to empower people to love the body they are in while learning to care for their whole being; body, mind, soul, & spirit.

Pebble Beach

The path towards wellness begins with self love.

Begin your journey today.

"Stephanie is a natural born healer.

She provides a safe place for you to explore your inner self without feeling analyzed or judged. Her sessions are powerful, full of personal revelations and epiphanies. After sitting down with Stephanie, I leave feeling refreshed and realigned."

- Mandi Carozza

Writer & 200RYT

Cape Coral, Florida

"I have had the pleasure of being apart of Stephanie's yoga and Soul Series session. I find Stephanie to be caring, loving and very insightful. I walked away from our sessions together feeling lighter, happier and filled with love for myself. Stephanie has inspired me to ask questions about myself, my relationships and my life that I had in the past never taken the time to do. Thank you Stephanie for the encouragement to honor and love myself for who I truly am."

- Mary Hadle

Business Owner

 Chicago, Illinois

"Stephanie is a master at helping others create space within themselves to realize their full potential. She allows the old patterns to surface without judgement which helps us to move forward. It is only then when we can fully see the destructive habits that cause our suffering. Through her own experience and continued training she has helped many heal their wounds. She uses many tools to individualize each persons path and guides in a passionate loving way. And she never fails to lighten the burden with her wonderful sense of humor.

She is changing lives one person at a time. I am grateful for her devotion and honored to call her my friend."

- Elizabeth Hedlund

Flight Attendant

Fort Myers, Florida

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