5 Things That will Help You Start the New Year Off Right

I have five things I do each New Years Eve

to help me set the tone that I want to create for the upcoming year. 1- Take A Personal Inventory

Taking a moment to scan through your life so that you can identify the areas that need some attention are important so that you can mindfully continue to move forward in every area of your life. Grab a journal or at least a paper and pen so that you can make notes of any areas that are highlighted. Before I begin I take a few moments to ground myself. Once I recognize that I am aligned with peace, I take an honest look at my life broken into three categories; physical health & wellness, emotional well-being, & spiritual connection. Be honest. Your answers will point you towards the area(s) that you need to work on.

Physical-Self, which includes your body, overall health, career, & finances. Am I purposefully, with intention, moving body every day? Am I drinking the right amount of water each day? (My weight divided in half in ounces) Am I eating at least five servings of vegetables every day? Are my physical needs being met? Am I happy with my career? Are my finances in order?

Am I satisfied with the state of my overall health?