5 Things That will Help You Start the New Year Off Right

I have five things I do each New Years Eve

to help me set the tone that I want to create for the upcoming year. 1- Take A Personal Inventory

Taking a moment to scan through your life so that you can identify the areas that need some attention are important so that you can mindfully continue to move forward in every area of your life. Grab a journal or at least a paper and pen so that you can make notes of any areas that are highlighted. Before I begin I take a few moments to ground myself. Once I recognize that I am aligned with peace, I take an honest look at my life broken into three categories; physical health & wellness, emotional well-being, & spiritual connection. Be honest. Your answers will point you towards the area(s) that you need to work on.

Physical-Self, which includes your body, overall health, career, & finances. Am I purposefully, with intention, moving body every day? Am I drinking the right amount of water each day? (My weight divided in half in ounces) Am I eating at least five servings of vegetables every day? Are my physical needs being met? Am I happy with my career? Are my finances in order?

Am I satisfied with the state of my overall health?

Emotional Wellness, which includes the state of your

relationships, mindsets, and emotions. Am I able to respond instead of reacting to stressful situations? Can I recognize when I am being triggered and respond accordingly? Am I able to navigate myself from states of fear and anxiety to the place of peace? Am I aligned with peace, at least most of the time? Do life circumstances dictate the way that I feel about myself? Am I able to connect to people in an authentic and deep way? Do I love myself? Do I love others well? Do I have healthy relationships? Am I able to recognize and cut off toxic relationships?

Am I satisfied with the current state of my emotional wellness?

Spiritual Connection, which includes the health of your spiritual growth and your ability to see God in people and in nature. Am I able to connect spiritually? Have I grown in my spirituality over the last year? Am I aligned to hope & peace? Am I moving forward in my purpose?

Am I able to recognize God in the people around me?

Am I able to see and connect to God in nature?

Am I satisfied with my spiritual growth and connection?

The answers to these questions will help you identify any gaps from where you currently are compared to where you would like to be. The gaps point you to the "work" that needs to be done. These are the area(s) that you need to focus on in the upcoming year. 2- Celebrate Your Growth

Think about where you were last year at this time and celebrate the growth that has taken place. Even if you just took a couple of baby steps you still moved forward!

Celebrating our victories gives us the fuel we need to keep moving forward, conquering obstacles each step of the way. 3- Let GO

We often hold onto hurt, expectations, people, behaviors, & mindsets

that are no longer serving our highest greatest good. Holding on to these things take up the space we need for the things that we actually desire. Identify anything that you are grasping and holding onto for dear life, and let it go.

Forgive, release, and let go of it all creating the space for something new to form.

Some times I will write every thing I need to let go of on a piece of paper, I will sit with it for a moment or two making sure that my heart is truly ready and able to let it go, then go outside, and safely light it on fire. As I watch it burn I can feel the release happen, it's gone.

4-Accept Yourself

Even though you have identified the areas that you need to work on for the upcoming year, understand that you are right where you are suppose to be. Self-discovery & wellness is a journey and understand that you are on the right path and there will always be work to do. Accept where you are today, be grateful for the lessons you have already learned, and for the areas of new growth that are coming. 4- Set Your Intentions

What do you want to cultivate in 2019? Peace, Love, Authentic Connections, Strength, Health, Joy, Financial Security, Freedom

Mindfully choose something specific that stands out to you and set that as your intention for the year. Create an "I am" statement that goes with your intention for the year.

I am aligned with peace.

I am worthy of love & authentic connections.

I am strong.

I am healthy & whole.

I am capable of experiencing joy.

I am loved and free.

My finances are aligning to create the security that I desire.

I am worthy of my wildest dreams.

Get creative but keep it simple. Write your I am statement somewhere that you will see it every day, set it as an alarm on your phone, say it as an affirmation.

Be intentional with your thoughts, are they in alignment with your intention?

Remember who you want to be and believe that you have the power to be that. As you navigate through life in 2019 ask yourself if you are reflecting who you want to be to the world, and more importantly to yourself. Don't lose sight of your intention and create the life you want to live.

Remember, every day on this earth is a beautiful gift.

We have the choice in how we spend each day.

May your 2019 be filled with love, laughter, authentic connections, and growth in every area!

If you would like help on your journey of self-discovery click here to find out more information about SoulCare with Stephanie!

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