Conquering Cathedral Rock & a Little Bit of Fear

Recently, I put on a brave face and hopped on an airplane to meet my daughter and a couple of her friends for a quick hiking trip. Before 2020 there would be no need to "put on a brave face" before hopping on to an airplane going just about anywhere... because I long for adventure. Yes, I am one of those annoying people who are always planning a trip somewhere. However, 2020 shook my world upside down and left me somewhere deep in the twilight zone; which left me more than a little hesitant to get on that plane. Despite the fact I knew I had antibodies protecting me, the unknowns of covid-19 have left me a little more cautious (and fearful) than I care to admit.

After a short detour (insert snarky tone here), we stopped at Zion National Park to hike the Canyon Overlook Trail. During this pit stop to our real destination, I realized quickly that I might return home in a body bag due to bad footwear. My Nike's were not going to cut it on this trip. Once we made it to Sedona, I found a little hiking shop and paid a premium price for these beauties; yes, they saw me coming. My new Oboz may not have looked too new once we were on the trail, but they did save my life - or at least that's what I am telling myself to justify my purchase. Seriously though, don't try to hike in Nike's. They are slippery. I would have slid right down the side of Cathedral Rock.