Dax Shepard Day 7

Friday September 25th, Arm Cherries (the name for the podcasts loyal fans) woke up to a bonus episode titled Day 7. Quickly, we learn this isn't a regular "bonus episode." This is a full disclosure, I'm coming clean episode, in which Dax Shepard bravely shared his recent battle with prescription pain killers; despite having 16 years of public sobriety. Shepard opened up about the pain and humiliation he felt from this relapse and the real battle that took place with his ego about having to start over with Day 1, after having 16 years under his belt.

I am so grateful for his transparency- in real time. Especially, since he is well aware of the cancel culture we live in, and what the potential ramifications of this relapse could mean for him and his platform. The podcast was recorded on his day 7, a humble number after just celebrating 16 year sober birthday.

It is humbling to hear a man, who takes great pride in his ability to be honest and authentic - do just that.


SHAME is real.

The EGO is powerful.

He shares openly about the part his EGO played in the cover ups. If that stinking EGO could remain tamed, we could ask for help before things turn into a thing. The first secret is just one little thing we need to come clean about but after the snowball effect begins, that one little secret turns into an avalanche that seems too big for the EGO to survive. And it's right- the EGO cannot survive it.

I appreciate his honesty.