Easy Headache Relief

Quick & Easy Headache Relief

Do you suffer from headaches? Do you want to save your liver from all the medicine you can avoid by trying a simple technique to rid yourself of those pesky headaches?

All You Need Is Two Balls, Peppermint Oil, A Block, & Your Yoga Mat!

From time to time, I suffer from headaches. They are usually weather or stress related, meaning the stress that comes with living in an area with crappy weather. Seriously, anytime the weather shifts more than 20 degrees in any direction I tend to get a pressure related headache. After getting sick and tired of pounding ibuprofen, I decided to find a gentler way to deal with these little inconveniences. I tried a million different home remedies, and I discovered something easy that works about 90% of the time!

First, Grab Your Yoga Mat & Find A Comfortable Place!

Grab your mat, yoga-therapy balls, your favorite peppermint oil (I prefer doTERRA) and a block. Leave your therapy balls in their tote, try to do this without giggling and making ball & sac jokes, just kidding make the jokes, laughter is good for your soul. Place the balls on your block and lay on your back and place the base of your head on the balls.

Next, Grab Your Peppermint Oil

Grab your peppermint oil and place a couple of drops on your wrists, now, bring your wrists up to your nose and take three to five deep inhales. I also like to put a couple of drops of peppermint oil on my temples, but I caution you that peppermint oil burns if it accidentally gets into your eyes... or so I have been told by my less oil savvy friends. Just kidding, I have had peppermint oil in places it should never be, it will make you cuss and cry!

Now That You Are All Set Up

Gently move your head from side to side, shaking your head (slowly) yes and no while massaging the back of your neck with the yoga therapy balls. Lay and relax for about ten or fifteen minutes; this is a great time to practice mindful breathing or meditation.

Add On A Gentle Hip Opener For More Relief

I like to place the soles of my feet together and allow my knees to lay open creating a diamond shape with the bottom half of my body. This pose is a gentle hip opener. You can also use a towel, bolster, blocks, or pillows to fill the gaps between the floor and your knees.

DoTERRA's Deep Blue Will Relieve Any Remaining Tension

When my headaches are awful, I place a couple of drops of Deep Blue lotion or oil on the back of my neck. Caution wash your hands thoroughly because if you think peppermint stings it is nothing compared to Deep Blue getting into places you would rather not burn!

One Last Headache Tip

DRINK MORE WATER! Did you know that a primary cause of headaches is dehydration? What is the right amount of water you ask? Divide your weight by two, and that is the magic number of ounces of water your body requires in a day! I know I float through most days too!

Click here to get your own set of balls :)

Here's to living a headache free life!

Stephanie McCandless

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