From Surviving to Thriving

I just moved.

Wait, let me back up, saying that I “just moved” sounds like a very anti-climatic way to describe what actually just happened. I moved, across the entire country, AGAIN, with my three youngest children and ALL four cats (because life with kids isn’t chaotic enough, why wouldn’t I throw four cats in the mix?). In the midst of moving back to southern Indiana, I made a pit stop in Daytona to help set up my oldest two’s new apartment. Within a four week period, we decided to move, packed up an entire home, set up an apartment, and settled into our new house, just in time for the kids to start school at the new schools, 1000 miles away from our sunny paradise we have called home for the last three years. Now that it’s a little more clear let’s get back to the story.

So like we previously established, I just moved. I did what every woman on this planet does when her life is overflowing with to-do lists and massive projects.

I. Pushed. Through.

I might have also relied heavily on the help of large doses of caffeine and sugar. Even still, I pushed. I did what needed to be done, all of the 1,876,974 things. Well, I did most of them… my “to do” list still feels a little long, but you get the picture right? Have you ever been in a season when you find yourself saying… “When we get this done, I will start taking better care of myself.” or something like “I just need to get through the next three weeks, month, the winter, etc.”

We are not made to survive we are designed to THRIVE!