Meet Stephanie McCandless

Updated: Apr 22

Stephanie doesn't want to be thought of as a typical yogi or wellness coach. She believes wellness is about alignment; body, mind, soul, and spirit. Not about weight, size, or what poses you can or cannot do. She is inspired to connect with others through yoga & SoulCare in order to inspire people to fall in love with the body they are in - while learning to care for their whole being. She believes wellness is much more than just weight or size; true wellness is about the health of your physical body, your emotional wellness, & your spiritual connection.

After years of working with people in the areas of emotional and spiritual wellness, Stephanie began to notice patterns of physical problems that corresponded with emotional and spiritual issues. This discovery peaked her curiosity, sending her on a journey to acquire knowledge through various avenues, including heading back to school to finish her degree in psychology. She also sought out a physical practice that would fuse all aspects of the human experience together: body, mind, soul, and spirit. After moving to Florida, Stephanie fell in love with the practice yoga and quickly realized it was the missing piece to the wellness puzzle she had been searching for. In 2017, Stephanie went through her first Yoga Teacher Training and has continually added to her education and training.

​Thanks to our modern technology, Stephanie has had the privilege of coaching people from all over the world for more than a decade. She is able to assist her clients navigate through various life circumstances while moving forward in alignment with their true North (their highest good, and/or purpose). She specializes in relationships, parenting, business, wellness, addictions, & self-discovery.