Out of Hibernation

I have been in hiding... tucked away in my safe spaces.

Hibernation happens in the winter season which is the time we turn inward for reflection; we slow down, we regroup, and take the time to nourish our root system. It symbolizes letting go of what's no longer serving you in order to create space for what's coming. There is a death that comes with the winter. A shedding of the old. Winter is also a time of great nourishment and growth as you connect with the deepest parts of your soul.

At the beginning of the year, I went into hiding as I worked through everything (good, bad, & ugly) that comes along with going through a divorce. Divorce is never easy; for anyone. My hibernation cave(s) consisted of the homes of my people; my tribe. My tribe surrounded me with love, comfort, and the space I needed to go inward. My tribe got on flights just to check in - in person, opened their homes to me and my girls, called, gave me space, and held my hand as I walked through the darkness in order to find the light.