The first time we are rejected, laughed at, misunderstood, and/or overlooked by our peers or family members we begin the self-destructive pattern of self-protection. Self-protection is the quiet choice we make to take a step back so we can fit in, it’s the way we hide, it’s the way we detach so we can feel safe.

We begin to numb ourselves or hid behind a more likable version of our self, shutting down our true selves more and more with each quiet choice. The masks we use for protection feel safe, just like the walls we built around our hearts. The safety we once felt begins to fade as we realize we are suffocating behind the masks and walls unable to breathe. This info-graph is based on Sigmund Freud’s thoughts on defense mechanisms and hopefully can help you understand different ways that self-protection can manifest in people.

Most of the people I work with through SoulCare have spent years numbing, hiding, and pushing away any perceived negative emotions and eventually implode or caused their life to explode creating a level of crisis that could be avoided if dealt with little by little instead of erupting