So This Happened...

This happened. Seriously. In case you don’t know me well- I wear leggings for pants, my nicer pants are cute sweat pants, when I wear jeans my kids ask why I am dressed up. I met two of these beautiful ladies about a year ago, or so- I’m at that time in my life where I struggle to remember how long ago something actually occurred. They came in together for one of my yoga classes. I knew they were both going through some serious transitions, but I had no idea how big those transitions were. Even though I didn’t know to the extent of what they were going through, I knew they loved to laugh and seemed like great people to know.

Over the year (or so) I got to know two women who survived- more than anyone should have to. Then I met a sister who I immediately loved and after this crazy day I made two more friends! It’s so funny how random people meet each other at just the right time and feel like they have known each other forever. Fast forward to this photo-shoot. I have no words and all the words at the same time!

One one hand, I think it's FABULOUS! The birthday girl (the tan goddess in the blue dress sitting on h