To The Group of Karens in the Coffee Shop

I have a little corner office in our local coffee shop where I work from most days. I'm still waiting for my apartment and need the WIFI- country living is GREAT but not conducive of writing deadlines (again fast speed WIFI is important). Normally, I have my beats in blaring music to drown out the people so I can create the space in my mind to be creative. Sadly for them and myself on this particular day they died.

A small group of well put together women came in and sat down; hair perfect, their makeup didn't appear to be put on in the car on the way here, their nails were done, you could tell they worked hard at making it appear their lives were together. Quickly, their conversation turned from normal pleasantries to a full out gossip session. At this time, I am 250 words in to a 1000 word assignment with a deadline approaching in within hours. I was stuck; listening to Karen, Becky, and Susan dissect two local women (I do not know) and their behavior proceeding their divorce.

They had a lot of opinions. They had even more judgments.

I tried to focus on the words I needed to pluck from my mind and materialize on my screen, but my attention kept returning to Karen; her opinions and all her judgment. A lot of sentences started with "Women going through a divorce..." The group agreed and added piled their judgments on.

Stereotypes are a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or id