Toxic Relationships

A toxic relationship is characterized by toxic behaviors that lead to damage to their partner, these actions can be emotionally, physically, sexually, or even spiritually toxic or abusive. A healthy relationship leads to our self-esteem and provides life-giving energy. A healthy relationship consists of reciprocal respect, caring, compassion, kindness, encouragement and support physically, emotionally, sexually (if a romantic relationship) and spiritually. Whereas toxic relationships lack these components and exhaust our energy. A healthy relationship creates a partnership in which both parties wish to see the other person succeed and has a shared desire for each other’s happiness. A toxic relationship may seem more like a competition and prefer a shared misery over happiness. A healthy relationship is a safe-place to share our feelings, our dreams, and our failures. A toxic relationship exploits our feelings, laughs at our dreams, and rejoices in our failures.

A toxic relationship usually consists of a dominant partner and a codependent partner. It takes two dysfunctional people for a toxic relationship to continue. Unless you are an underage child, you have a choice in whether you remain in toxic relationships with people. Toxic relationships can occur in families, romantic relationships, business relationships and within our friend groups.

Identifying Toxic Relationships The first step in i