A transformational wellness program for your whole being;

body, mind, soul, & spirit.

SoulCare Wellness  Program

SoulCare is separated into three parts

Deconstruction, Letting Go, & Redesign.


The process of identifying the walls we have spent a lifetime building for our self-protection. These are the walls that stand between us, our

freedom, and our ability to maintain authentic connection in relationships. We formed the walls in a  response to the events in our life that inflicted hurt, disappointment, pain, & even trauma. These events often cause us to form negative mindsets and self-destructive patterns that align us with lies about our identity and how we are perceived in this world. 

This will leave you feeling stuck & out of alignment.


 "Letting Go"

During the process of letting go will you will learn methods to release the lies you believe about yourself & others, how to fully walk out forgiveness, and how to let go of the expectations and judgements which are causing you to stay aligned with the destructive patterns of your past.

Letting go is about weeding out the things that are taking up precious space in your heart (or soul) causing you to have a smaller capacity for the things your really desire~ authentic connections, unconditional love, peace, & joy. 

"The Redesign"

During the redesign process you walk through a step by step plan that will empower you with the strategies you need to construct the life you desire from a solid foundation. You will acquire tools to build a positive mindset which will enable you to shift your perspective, change your self-talk, & unlock your creativity. By using these tools you will begin to give yourself permission to dream again (or maybe even for the first time).

The SoulCare Wellness Community

Coming soon...

We are working on building an interactive community for all things SoulCare related!