SoulCare Wellness Program

 A transformational wellness program that addresses your whole being; body, mind, soul, & spirit


6 Month Online Wellness Program

SoulCare Wellness Program is designed to be worked through one week at a time; however, you will have access to each weeks materials so you can go back, review, and revisit at your convenience. Each week you will receive a combination of videos, PDF's, and other content that will bring you into alignment to the healthiest version of yourself. You will learn and understand your patterns of thinking and their impact on your overall wellness.

You will also develop skills build on your strengths and enhance any weaker areas.

Each Week You Will Receive

At least 1 60 minute workout & 4 15-20 minute workouts

A video or other form of content dealing with your physical health

1 PDF about your physical health with a challenge

A video or other form of content dealing with your emotional wellness

1 PDF about your emotional wellness with a challenge

A video or other form of content with something to enhance your spiritual connection

A weekly 30 minute group session


Each workout video will be different. The first week will be introduction to yoga, which consists of 3 short videos breaking down core poses and a 60 minute All Levels Yoga Class. Other 60 minute workouts will be a combination of Yoga, YoLates, Barre, and Cross Training Workouts. 15-20 Minute videos will be a mixture of sequences to target specific areas like core, booty, hips, hamstrings, arms, shoulders etc.


SoulCare Concepts Covered Throughout the 16 Weeks

Loving Your Body- What does Self- Care Really Mean

Nutritional Needs- How to Eat Like You Love Yourself

Eat Your Greens- They Are Your Superpowers

Your Identity - Who Am I Really?

The Importance of Movement- Shake that Thing!

Full Inventory - Using Radical Honesty to Assess Where You Are Right Now

Identify Where You Want to Go- Find Your Bread Crumbs

What's Holding You Back

The Power of Letting Go



Daily Practices that will Change Your Life; Affirmations, Gratitude, and Meditation

Dealing with the Lies you Believe -Unlearning

Who are you Judging Really?

Sleep, Stress, & Sex

Nutritional Supplements

What Voices are you Listening to? 

Say Good Bye to your Inner Critic

Dealing with your Walls- Deconstruction

The Power of Connection 


Vulnerability &  Empathy


Fear - The Real F Word

Comfort- Food, Sex, Drugs None of It Really Works- How to Really Comfort Yourself

Flow State- Aligning with Peace



Reacting VS Responding

Giving Yourself Permission to Dream Again

The Power of Laughter

Are You Ready?


SoulCare will empower you with the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle, walking in wholeness.

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